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Who We Are

Established in 1991, Altara is an international team of dedicated professionals who have extensive experience providing companies and organizations with the business solutions they need in order to thrive.  Focusing on PEOPLE, PROCESSES and SOFTWARE we can deliver value.  Engage with us and let us earn your trust and build a long lasting partnership.  Our solutions are powered by various ERP and CRM Enterprise products.  We can treat you appropriately for your size whether you are a growing local business or an established global one.  We provide a consultative approach to understanding your business needs, and recommending a solution to help you streamline your business processes, improve efficiencies, and increase your bottom line.

Why Choose Altara?

Choosing a software solution to accomplish business system goals is important. But choosing a partner that listens to issues and creates a tailored solution to meet specific needs is imperative. The outcome of a project is based on selecting an experienced partner who can accomplish the determined goals. In addition to providing the right software, necessary customizations, training and support, it is vital to work with a partner who can be trusted to be dependable, knowledgeable and who truly understands the business challenges faced by an organization.

Altara is different because of the strength of the individuals that make up our company. The combination of our team’s tenure, attitude, teamwork, commitment and knowledge sets us apart from the competition. We work with our clients as a business partner offering superior quality products, backed with unparalleled support and service. Through our driving principals of Trust, Experience and Teamwork, Altara has built a company that not only believes in the importance of these words internally, but has structured the company in such a way that every one of our team members is empowered to act on these principals for the good of our clients.